Horoscope 2014 - Taurus

Many of the trends written about last year are still in effect for the year ahead. The need to adapt to change in a fast- paced world is still great. Finances were unusually important last year and they continue to be important this year. Only this year, financial management is important. On July 13th 2013, Jupiter moved into your 3rd House of Communication and Intellectual Interests.

This area became important (and happy) then and the trend continues this year until August 1st. On August 1st, Jupiter will move into your 4th House of Home and Family, making this area important. It will now rival the career for a place in your mind and heart this will be discussed further in a later section. Overall, like last year, this is a money and career year. For a Taurus, this is heaven. Health is vastly improved over previous years, but now the focus will shift to emotional health. Pluto has been in your 8th House for many years now.

You are in a period of unparalleled opportunity for ridding yourself of undesirable character traits, mental and emotion al habits or other types of addiction. Pluto is in process of transforming your love and social life as well. These are all long-term trends and you will see progress by degrees. Looking at 2014 overall, we find that Earth, your native element, is the weakest in the Horoscope. There will be many periods where there are no (or perhaps only one) planet in Earth. This is uncomfortable for you, as your virtues are not recognized or seem out of style. People around you behave as if they live on another planet, or the stratosphere, or some private mind space.

They seem oblivious to practical realities. Yet it is precisely at these times that we need your down-to- earth virtues the most. Stick to your guns, hold to your core beliefs. You will be vindicated in the end. The most important areas of life this year are: finance, career, communication, intellectual interests, local travel, depth psychology, transformation, home and family. Your paths of greatest fulfilment will be: communication, local travel, home and domestic issues and finance. 

Horoscope 2014 - Taurus: Health

As mentioned, health is vastly improved over previous years. The fact that you got through 2011 and 2012 and are now reading this in good health and reasonable sanity is a great victory. Though vitality is not up to its usual standard, this year is nothing compared to 2011 and 2012. Your 6th House is not a House of Power and there is dan ger that you might ignore health issues or not give them their proper due. This would be a mistake especially after August 1st.

You need to rest when tired, organize yourself so that you accomplish more with less effort, and focus on priorities. Therapies that enhance overall energy are good for you massage, reflexology, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki and the like fall into this category. The throat, neck and kidneys could use extra attention. Keeping these in shape will not only enhance overall health but will be a good preventative. Venus, the Planet of Love and Harmony, is your Health Planet. Strive as much as possible to maintain harmony with family, friends, your spouse and those around you.

Chances are that many a health problem has its origin in these areas. If you clear the problem at the root you may not need a health professional, as the problem will tend to fall away on its own. Even if the services of a professional are needed, the healing will proceed better and faster. Wear the colour of your Sign (and the colour of your health ruler, Venus), which is green. When you feel under the weather wear the colour or visualize it around you. Emerald is a healing gem, and copper a healing metal for you, strengthening you in subtle ways. Health stress is also coming from your career and ambitions. Try to pace yourself when you work and work to a rhythm. Try to alternate activities – do some physical work, then switch to mental work, then switch to socializing. This alternation will allow a recharging of each of your centres of activity. As mentioned, physical health is not the only issue this year.

Come August 1st you crave emotional and domestic health. And with benefic Jupiter in your 4th House, your chances for success are very good. Since you will be juggling home and career there is a great need to measure your energy. Although life energy is limitless, at any given time our access is finite. Learn your energy limits. Then invest wisely and productively for maxi mum return – the way a businessman invests his money. It might surprise you to know that every department of your life, including every organ of your body, is ministered to by mighty spiritual powers. They are ready, willing and able to help you if you call on them. In health issues your guide is the Archangel Hanael. It is well worth any time, energy and effort to become acquainted with him. 

Horoscope 2014 - Taurus: Home, Domestic and Family Issues

Your 4th House of Home and Family becomes powerful after August 1st, when benefic Jupiter moves there. He will be there for at least a year – well into 2015. Jupiter is going to fulfil all your legitimate domestic and family fantasies. He will not fulfil destructive fantasies. Those of you seeking to buy or sell a home will now have a good opportunity and meet with good fortune here.

Those of you wishing to expand or renovate the present home, or to acquire a second or third home will have both the wherewithal and opportunity for it. There is going to be wonderful family harmony and support during this period. The family is supportive both financially and emotionally. They also lead you to financial opportunity. It really makes a difference in life when this family support is present.

Sometimes when Jupiter is in the 4th House, the good might not come from one’s biological family. For in many cases the biological family is too dysfunctional to be an adequate vehicle for Jupiter’s vast largess. In those cases, the good comes from people who are like family to you. They feel as if they are your parent, son, daughter or sibling – and they tend to behave that way. (In truth we can never be cut off from our true family – which is a spiritual thing and ever present. ) Jupiter expands and enlarges every thing he touches, thus the family circle will expand – usually through births or mar riage. You meet new people who are like family to you. ‘Big-ticket’ items for the home come – Jupiter knows well how to arrange this. By the time Jupiter finishes his transit you will be in new and larger – more comfortable – domestic circumstances. Jupiter in the 4th House often shows inheritance. Now, nobody need die for this to manifest; someone might set up a trust fund for you or the like. Jupiter in the 4th indicates that the happiness and prosperity of the family as a whole grows.

A parent is likely to move or renovate the home this year. A parent is likely to be living the good life too – travelling to far-off places, going on cruises and the like. Children might not move but could be involved in major renovations and repairs. Perhaps the major impact of this transit is the conflict it sets up between your family life and career. You have to divide your attention between both, never going too far one way or another. Not an easy thing to accomplish. Those of you into psychological therapy will have a successful and happy year.

There will be many breakthroughs and new understandings. Many of you will be learning how to give and receive emotional support. There is an art to this. Relations with siblings look harmonious and they seem to be prospering overall. Relations with children will vary month to month.

Horoscope 2014 - Taurus: Love and Social Life

The 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power this year. Love, romance and social activities are not high on your agenda. Of course you will still have a social life, but other areas of life come first. The good part about this is that you have much freedom in this area. You can shape your social life as you will the Cosmos does not push you one way or the other. The downside is that there is a lack of interest and enthusiasm. Usually this results in a status quo situation.

Marrieds tend to stay married and singles tend to stay single. Even though the 7th House is empty, over the course of the year there will be periods when the short-term planets move through it. Those will be periods of heightened social activity and romantic opportunity. These will be dealt with in the month-by-month forecasts. Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is your Love Planet. He has been in your 8th House (the House of Transformation) in the Sign of Sagittarius for many years now. He will be there for years to come. All of this suggests that a complete change is going on slowly and steadily an evolution either in a given relationship or in your love attitudes and social life in general. Marrieds are watching the marriage become something ‘else’ from what it started as.

Singles are evolving new and better love attitudes and new and better ideals about marriage. The whole philosophy of love and marriage is changing and evolving. Never underestimate the power of philosophy. It is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It is much more important in your life and especially your love life than psychology is. When your philosophy changes your psychology will change, and then the physical events of life just follow. Love issues are forcing many of you to learn more about reincarnation and past lives. (The Cosmos is very smart and knows how to motivate people. ) Many of you are learning that your current relationship (and your past ones) are merely continuations of things that have been going on for thousands, if not millions, of years. Many of your so-called failed relationships were not ‘failures’ in the way you think only a balancing of past karma.

Many of your love fears are coming from traumas of past lives. This area is a fertile field of research for many of you these days. Pluto wants to purify your love life. It wants to eliminate ‘waste’ and effete material. It wants to eliminate friendships that are based on false motives or false beliefs about life and the self. It wants to eliminate the unnecessary so that you can focus on the love or friendships that really matter. This is what is going on these days. Pluto is basically well aspected. But it is in opposition to Saturn all year. In many cases this produces caution in love – even fear. ‘Certainty’ is wanted, and love will be tested. But while a certain caution in love is desirable, let events test love. Remember that romance is a mood – a magic. Nothing is more certain to kill it than fear. Among marrieds this opposition translates into a finan cial conflict. Both you and your spouse seem focused on finances. You are into ‘cost savings and cutting expenses’ – and this produces some tension with your beloved. You don’t see eye to eye on finances. Among singles there could be an unwillingness to spend on social issues – going out, etc. This tension will pass after this year. On August 1st, Jupiter moves into Leo, making fabulous aspects to Pluto.

This aspect will be in effect for the rest of the year. Further, there will be many Grand Trines in Fire this coming year, all of which impact positively on Pluto. So there will be many romantic opportunities – even marriage opportunities. The question is, will you take them? Venus, your Ruling Planet, and the Planet of Love, will make an unusual three-and-a-half month transit through your 7th House beginning September 8th. She will be there for the rest of the year. This too brings romantic and marriage opportunities. In many cases it indicates a significant relationship. In this period your interest in love is enhanced. But Venus will go retrograde from October 11th to Nov ember 21st, and Mars will pass through your 7th House from December 1st until the end of the year.

These events will test both the relationship and your interest. Is love strong enough to survive this? A business partnership was probable last year and still very probable this year. Those of you working towards a second marriage will see the status quo maintained. But marriage and romantic opportunities come as you pursue your financial goals. A romance with someone involved with your finances seems likely. Those of you working towards a third marriage need patience this year. The love life of children of marriageable age is status quo. But wedding bells could ring for grandchildren of marriage able age. The marriage of a parent is highly unstable these days. 

Horoscope 2014 - Taurus: Finance and Career

As mentioned earlier, both finance and career are probably the most important and interesting areas this year. On the financial front, Saturn is firmly stationed in your Money House all year. Now, for most people – for other Signs – this is a daunting aspect. For Saturn shows you your limits. Saturn works to bring order, structure and a realistic perspective on things. Saturn’s mission is to bring ‘stable and enduring’ wealth – the real thing. Though most people want stable and enduring wealth, they don’t want to do the things – adopt the practices and processes – needed to achieve it. But for you, Taurus, this will be a good transit – pleasant even. For this is what you are all about. You will be much richer when the year is out than before. You will be in a financial regimen that is healthy and wealth-producing.

So this is a year of financial structuring – re-ordering – gaining strength and stability to weather any kind of condition. Many astrologers associate Saturn with lack and limitation. And though this sometimes happens it is not because Saturn is doing it, it is because we have violated some law or principle. Basically, Saturn wants to bring financial health to you. Financial health, like physical health, is all about ‘right proportion’. When a person is living a ‘proportional life’, financial health is a natural consequence. What is right proportion? It means living within your means. It means making the most of existing resources. It means cutting back on waste and needless expense. It means allocating your wealth and earnings so that all areas of life get fed.

A certain percentage of earnings should go into savings and investment, a certain percentage to charity, a certain percentage towards ‘fun and leisure’ activities, a certain percentage towards living expenses and paying off debts, etc. These are the things you are going to learn and practise this year. When you live proportionately you will find that the uni verse has supplied ‘enough’ for every need. Saturn is often associated with pessimism. And, in truth, you need to guard against this. Saturn likes to show you ‘worst-case scenarios’ so that you can plan a way out or conquer the fear or mistake that is behind it. These ‘worst case scenario’ situations (they probably won’t happen to you physically, but the fear of them will arise) are the doorways, the short-cuts to affluence.

Dealing with them makes you stronger and gives necessary knowledge. It is a ‘seasoning’ process. Most importantly, Saturn is imparting a long-term per spective on wealth. He wants you to see the big picture and to make moves now in line with that. Co-operate with what Saturn is trying to teach and you’ll sail through the year with glorious ease. Resist (this is unlikely) and you’ll face one crisis after another. Jupiter will be in the Sign of Cancer until August 1st and then in your 4th House afterwards. Both of these positions suggest money from property, hotels, restaurants and industries that cater to the home. Investors should study these sectors as there are profit opportunities here. Jupiter in your 3rd House until

August 1st suggests that many of you are getting new cars, computers and communication equipment – good quality items. Sales and marketing activities go well. Money comes from buying and selling – trading. The correct use of the media – advertising and public relations – has a dynamic impact on profits. After August 1st, money comes from family, family connections or from a family business. Family members in general will be more financially supportive (this support could also come from people who are like family to you). Career is still undergoing ferment and change. It is very exciting, but also unstable – and this is the main difficulty for you. You like routine, you like stability, you like to know that you have a certain job or a certain place in your company. But these days none of these things is assured. This is why it is so important to set up a long-term financial plan and why it is important to co-operate with Saturn.

Horoscope 2014 - Taurus: Self-improvement

The main area of self-improvement will be in finance, as dis cussed. But you can’t (and shouldn’t) spend all your attention on money matters. With Jupiter in your 3rd House until August 1st, there is great joy in the pursuit of intellectual interests and travel. Take courses and seminars in subjects that interest you. Read more. Brush up on your communication skills. When Jupiter moves into your 4th House in August you will enjoy delving into psychology. History (especially your family history) will also be an interesting study.

A creative hobby that involves the home perhaps a woodworking project, or making handmade furniture and the like would bring joy and the release of stress. Taureans are noted for their musical ability especially their singing voices. You might want to start exploring this after August 1st. Jupiter in Leo is a very creative and dramatic energy.