Horoscope 2014 - Scorpio

You entered a powerful cycle of success and good fortune last year, and the trend continues in 2014. The emotional and family instability written about in past years is still in effect. The point of all this is to develop emotional equilibrium regardless of circumstances. Saturn is still in your 8th House (like last year) and you have to work harder at efforts of transformation and depth psychology. Stubborn addictions don’t give way easily.

Spiritual studies require persistent and patient effort. Keep plugging away. For the year as a whole, your native Water element is one of the weakest elements (Earth is even weaker). There will be many periods this year where there are no planets (or maybe just one) in Water. Thus your emotional sensitivities could be violated routinely though not maliciously. Many of your psychic gifts will not be appreciated. Hang in there and ride things through. It’s just the astrological weather.

Scorpios are silent types. And yet this year Air, the element of communication, will be the most prominent and powerful. People will be gabbing away, chit-chatting over trifles in many cases. You will be besieged by this, and will probably feel uncomfortable. The virtue of silence is not appreciated either. Introverts are given short shrift. Career is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the com ing year; the challenge will be to balance the family life with your career. It has been a few years since this challenge has been this severe.

Your most important areas of interest in the coming year are: finances, home, family and domestic issues, transformation, debt and the repayment of debt, taxes and tax situations, making money for others, sexuality, religion, philosophy, higher education, foreign travel and relations with foreigners, career. Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the coming year are: personal transformation, breaking addictions, debt repayment, sexuality, helping others to prosper, religion, philosophy, higher studies, foreign travel, career. 

Horoscope 2014 - Scorpio: Health

Health is much improved over the previous few years. Whereas in past years you had a gang of long-term planets arrayed against you, now there are only two. By now you are a much tougher and stronger person. The body has been cleansed and purified, and the aspects now are much easier. The fact that your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power is another positive health signal. You feel no need to pay much attention here.

The danger of this is that you will ignore health and take it for granted this would be a mistake. Health should given more attention this year especially after August 1st. Jupiter will join Uranus and Neptune in a stressful aspect to you. Part of the problem comes from the stress of both a demanding career (very successful) and a demanding home life. There is a need to balance the two. There will be many instances where you won’t be able to please either your boss or family members.

Emotional volatility is also a health danger. Nothing drains energy faster than uncontrolled (and especially negative) emotional states. Like last year, the tendency is to extremes of emotion. The highs can be unreasonably high and the lows unreasonably low. The truth of any situation is somewhere in between. Mood changes also tend to be swift and bewildering, both for you and those around you. The challenge now (as men tioned) is to cultivate peace, tranquillity and equilibrium. When extremes of mood hit you, try to shift into another mental gear – say to yourself, ‘I am not this feeling or mood, I am the Being that can feel. ’ You can reduce the health stress of your ambitions by working smarter, more efficiently and more rhythmically. Work smart, not hard. Focus on the really important things and let other things go. Delegate responsibility wherever possible. Rest when tired. Don’t try to bull a project through when you are tired, as chances are you will make mental mistakes and only have to redo it. Listen to your body and be aware of your energy levels. Work to plug the energy leaks in your aura.

Talk less (a difficult feat this year, with all the Air energy around) and listen more. Think less and be aware more. Alternate activities as much as possible. Note when you get tensed up at work and take a few moments to stretch or release the tension. Avoid arguments and power struggles. Be aware of how you feel around people – do they make you tired, drain you, make you edgy or fidgety? These are signs of energy sapping (much of it unconscious), which is one of the great (and as yet unknown to modern science) health dangers.

When this happens, make a polite excuse and get out of the situation. Become an ‘energy-efficient’ organism. Invest energy only in areas that yield maximum return. You won’t do these things overnight, but you can make a beginning – and a beginning is much better than nothing. You will have many opportunities to put these things into practice in the coming year. January 20th to February 18th, March 1st to May 21st, and July 13th to August 23rd are vulnerable health periods. Understand, you have plenty of energy to do the things that you need to do and have to do, but none for frivolities and side issues. 

Horoscope 2014 - Scorpio: Home, Domestic and Family Issues

Another important and volatile area. Two powerful, long- term planets occupy your 4th House of Home and Family – Neptune and Uranus. Both have long-term effects and both bring deep-seated changes. Uranus is the planet that has been causing the disruptions, multiple moves, multiple renovations and redecoration, mood swings and changes of affections.

He has been in your 4th House for many years and is still there this year. His pur pose is fundamentally good. He wants to bring constructive change, technological advancements, more freedom in the home and a team spirit. He wants to show that domestic life and family relationships need not be one ‘rigid mode’ but can be achieved in many and unique ways. He is bringing emotional and domestic flexibility. But Scorpios are nothing if not stubborn, and sometimes Uranus has to create a few explosions before change happens. Neptune in your 4th House has been bringing more spirituality – a sense of unconditional love – into the home. This is his purpose.

Only unconditional love can keep the family together after Uranus’ disruptions. Along with this he brings imagination and inspiration. This is probably manifesting as very imaginative types of decor, landscaping and interior design. Many Scorpio natives are moving closer to water – or dream of living on the water. Neptune is Lord of the 5th House of Children. His presence in your 4th House shows that either children are on the way, or that the disruptions occurring are for the sake of the children. They need a certain kind of environment which their parents may not be aware of. The children seem like sensitive and artistic types and need special and freer conditions. When the Lord of the 5th House is in the 4th there is a desire to make the home a place of entertainment as well as a home. You want to have fun at home.

So, all kinds of games – electronic or otherwise, toys – adults’ and children’s – and film and video equipment are being brought in. Your home is as much an amusement park as it is a home. Neptune is the most spiritual of all the planets. He is a planet of revelation. He reveals the good, the bad and the ugly. So there is much revelation going on both psychologically, on a personal level, and with the family as a whole. The spiritual purpose of your family unit is being revealed. You have all been brought together for a very unique and wonderful reason. Some great, long-term good will be effect ed here. Hang in through the disruptions and the roller- coaster rides – it will be worth it in the end. A parent or parental figure will have a fortunate move this year.

There is good fortune in the purchase or sale of a home. This parent, or another parent, is moving around a lot – travelling from place to place like a nomad. Relations with parents improve after August 1st. Relations with siblings are status quo. Relations with children bittersweet. Relations with grandchildren are wonderful.

Horoscope 2014 - Scorpio: Love and Social Life 

Neither the 7th House of Love and Romance, nor the 11th House of Friends is powerful this year. These areas should be status quo not much change from last year. Though you have great freedom in these areas and if you choose, could be shaped as you will other areas of life are much more important to you.

An empty House is often a positive signal. It shows contentment in a certain area of life, and with contentment comes the status quo. Singles have marriage opportunities from January 19th to February 12th, May 20th to June 14th (also good for finances), and from September 8th to the end of the year. This latter period is the most interesting.

Venus spends more than three and a half months in your own Sign. Highly unusual. Usually she spends a month in a Sign. So, we have a situation where your Love Planet, Venus, will be in your own Sign for quite some time. This shows that love pursues you this period and will probably find you. In many cases it shows a live-in relationship. But this relationship is far from a smooth ride. Venus will be retrograde during that period, and Mars, the Planet of War, will move through your Sign. Can love withstand these severe tests? Possible, but unlikely. Marrieds will also have their relationships tested then there is a Lunar Eclipse on November 20th in the House of Marriage which coincides with these transits.

But marrieds have a stronger probability of making it than singles do. Parents, parental figures and siblings have great aspects for marriage or a serious relationship. Children of marriage able age will have to wait until next year. Grandchildren of marriageable age are prospering and enjoying life, but again marriage is more likely next year. The Lords of your Social Life are Mercury (Friends) and Venus (Love and Romance). These are fast-moving planets and will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in any given year (Venus will only miss one Sign this year).

Thus friendship and romantic opportunities will come in many ways in a given year. Your needs in love change, too. These short-term trends will be discussed in the month-by-month forecasts. There is a wonderful law of compensation that operates through our lives. It stems from the basic law of equilibrium which exists in nature. When one area of life is weak, another is strong. When one prize is withdrawn, another prize is given. Excessive good in one area brings unrealized challenges. A man who is too rich (basically a great blessing) finds that he is dealing with insincere people who are angling for his wallet, or comes up against class-warfare types of attack.

The woman who is too beautiful (another blessing) finds that she is mistrusted by other women, who see her as a threat, and often has to deal with male attention of the wrong kind. When one door closes, another opens. Your social life is weak this year, and the Cosmos has compensated by making your financial life strong. 

Horoscope 2014 - Scorpio: Finance and Career

A strong and prosperous financial year, Scorpio. Enjoy. Your 2nd House of finance is powerful, which shows that it is an area of interest and importance to you. You are focused on finance, and your focus and interest is 90 per cent of the battle. Jupiter, your Money Planet, is in its most exalted position – the Sign of Cancer – and in the most fortunate House of your Horoscope – the 9th House. Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to your Sun for most of the year and is basically well aspected on its own.

All of this translates to increased earnings and increased net worth. Your financial goals are big – larger than life. You are not interested in merely earning your living, but in attaining big wealth. There are increased financial opportunities – many coming from academia, foreign lands or with foreigners. Religious institutions or religious persons are also involved in your financial life – and in a very good way. Speculations are favourable. Lady luck is with you in your investments and purchases. Assets you own increase in value. There is an over all financial optimism and confidence – this too is 90 per cent of the battle. As Henry Ford said, ‘Those who believe they can and those who believe they can’t are both right. ’ You believe you can, and the results follow. You seem to be in the right place at the right time to recognize and seize opportunity.

Also you are earning in ways that are comfortable to you – in line with your nature and talents – and this too is very important. You can be yourself and still prosper. Jupiter makes sensational aspects to your Sun until August 1st and to Pluto afterwards. Both of these planets involve your body, image and personal appearance. I read this as dressing for success, donning the image of wealth, a recognition that the right image is a big factor in earnings. You will probably dress expensively this year. Scorpios by nature are not flashy dressers; they like to hide their charms. But you will be an ‘expensive’ conservative dresser.

On August 1st Jupiter will begin to transit your Solar Midheaven – this is the most elevated and powerful point in the Horoscope. (Jupiter leaves its ‘exalted’ position in Cancer and moves over the most ‘elevated position’ – the Midheaven. ) So wealth should increase even more. This Midheaven point (which will be different for each of you depending on your birthday) also marks the beginning of your 10th House of Career. Thus, this move is bringing not just money but status, prestige, honours, recognition and promotions at work. You are likely to achieve more fame in your chosen line of work. In many cases there is greater involvement with your community or government, in a good way. There are dealings with people of power and prominence. Under this aspect people get elected to high office at their local community club or organization. Professional politicians will win elections. Many of you will contribute financially to political cam paigns.

And many will benefit on a financial level from political connections. The high and the mighty are with you and eager to grant their favours. New and better career opportunities offer themselves. The sky’s the limit. Scorpios who are students are likely to hear good news about university. Some will win scholarships. Those already at university will do well in their studies and earn honours. When the Money Planet is on or near the Midheaven of the chart, money becomes the Number 1 priority in life. Many people try to hide this, as it is usually frowned upon socially, but underneath it is so. Since no one can focus like a Scorpio, we get a sense of laser-like concentration on finance. And it will pay off. You will be very generous this year, both to friends and to charities. You will be a big spender.

All of this is in keeping with your increased earnings. Professional investors should study property, publishing, banking and traditional blue-chip stocks. Gaming and enter tainment stocks also seem fruitful. The income of siblings is status quo – financial management is more important than earnings – they need to stop the financial leaks. The income of a parent (or parental figure) is super – but especially after August 1st. He or she is living the good life these days. Income of children is status quo. Income of grandchildren is wonderful – nice windfalls coming. Income of your spouse could be better; he or she needs to practise better financial management. 

Horoscope 2014 - Scorpio: Self-improvement

Personal earnings will soar this year, but your ability to earn money for others will take more work. By nature you are good at this sort of thing – helping others to prosper. But this year you are more focused on your personal wealth than on others’. Saturn in your 8th House indicates that you can’t ignore this totally – and where you can be of help, do so.

Debt seems a problem this year. But increased earnings should mitigate the problem. Increased earnings bring increased taxes, and you shouldn’t fool around in this area – especially not this year. Set aside a percentage of earnings every month to deal with this. Don’t let over-optimism make you neglectful. Getting the financial support of others seems more difficult. Some projects are too big to handle alone, no matter how prosperous you are. The challenge here is to show others the practicality and workability of your big ideas. Outside investors don’t seem to have the same vision that you do – you can’t sell them just a dream. Present a practical, pragmatic plan that will satisfy even the most sceptical.

The 8th House rules your deeper interests, Scorpio. Saturn in this House and your focus on finance could make you neglectful of your interests in personal transformation, past lives, depth psychology and the like. Your spiritual life could suffer. Make some time for it. The 8th House also rules the libido. With Saturn here, your libido is not up to its usual standards. Nothing really wrong – and you needn’t rush off to a medical professional – the energy is needed for other areas of life. Happy educational and travel opportunities are coming – make sure to allow time for these. They are wonderful and will enhance your life later on.