Horoscope 2014 - Libra

Last year was basically an easy and successful year, and the trend continues this year. Career success is especially pronounced in 2014 especially until August. After August (when we presume that your career is where you want it), the emphasis will shift to friendships, networking, group activities and organizations. One of the fruits of career success and status is the kind friends you make, and you will start to enjoy this aspect of success later on in the year.

Studying the year as a whole, we find that your native element of Air is the strongest element. There are Grand Trines in your element almost every month of the year. Some of these Grand Trines last for as long as a month, some only for a few days. These are wonderful indicators for health, good fortune and overall happiness. Your mental virtues, your ability to communicate beautifully and clearly are very much in vogue.

Writers, communicators and marketing people will have an exceptional year. Students and teachers likewise. Secondary school students and teachers will have it easier than university students. Your already strong communication abilities get even stronger and are appreciated in the marketplace. As mentioned, this is an easy year. You attain goals with little of the effort, stress and strain that most people go through. But when Jupiter moves into Leo on August 1st, the ease and harmony will increase even further. You sail towards your goals with a good wind at your back and calm seas ahead of you.

The most important areas of life in the coming year are: communication and intellectual interests, fun, creativity, children and love affairs, religion, philosophy, higher education, foreign travel and metaphysics, career, friends, group activities and organizations (these last two after August 1st). Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are: religion, metaphysics, philosophy and higher education (but there’s hard work involved here), travel to foreign lands, career, friendships, group activities and organizations. 

Horoscope 2014 - Libra: Health

With the exception of Jupiter, every long-term planet is making harmonious aspects to you Libra. And, after August 1st, even Jupiter will move into harmonious alignment. These are, overall, amazingly good health aspects. Further, your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power and you have little need to pay much attention to this part of your life. Sure, there are going to be periods when health is better or worse these fluctuations come from the short-term transiting planets.

When they are kind to you, health is super; when they are stressful, health is less good. But these are short-term trends and, when they pass, health reverts back to its easy, harmonious state. As mentioned earlier, your native element of Air is the strongest element in the coming year. There will be Grand Trines in your native Air element almost every month. These are all positive health signals for you. As with all good things there is a downside. Much power in the Air element will stimulate your intellect and mental powers – a good thing.

But it could also lead to over- or hyper-stimulated thought. Too much of this could cause insomnia (due to a racing mind) or other illnesses due to lack of energy – the thought energy could sap energy needed by other systems of the body. So, it won’t hurt to learn to turn the mind off when not in use. Practise awareness with out thought. Thoughts can come, but don’t energize them. Of course all this speech power is also a double-edged sword. If you get careless and your speech gets negative or malicious, there will be kickbacks – not necessarily healthwise, but in other ways. These kickbacks certainly won’t help your health.

If your speech is uncontrolled, even though it is not destructive it can sap energy needed for other systems of the body. Talk by all means, but keep some control over it. Neptune is your Health Planet, and he is in the Sign of Aquarius all year. All these Grand Trines are basically helping your health. Neptune rules the feet, which shows that you can enhance health further by taking good care of your feet and by massaging them regularly. Since Aquarius rules the ankles it won’t hurt to massage them as well and give them good support. Neptune in the experimental Sign of Aquarius shows an openness to new and unorthodox healing methods. In many cases, especially if you’ve done your homework, these will be effective. Neptune is the planet of intuition.

Life on Earth is a school. All of us get our intuition trained in various ways. Some people get trained in financial issues. Some in the artistic field, through creativity. Some in love and social issues. But in your case it is in health issues. Health problems are never what they seem – whether they affect you (unlikely) or others (more likely). The answer lies in the intuition – the more clear and attuned you are, the quicker the health problem will dissolve. Jupiter will make a stressful aspect to Neptune from August 1st onwards.

Though this is not enough to cause dis ease, it does show that overindulgence in the good life (which is certainly happening this year) can have negative health implications. Indulge, but don’t over-indulge. The health of a parent or parental figure is delicate. The spine and nervous system need attention. Health of your spouse and children looks good. Siblings may be thinking of surgery, mostly cosmetic. 

Horoscope 2014 - Libra: Home, Domestic and Family Issues

Your 4th House of Home and Family is not a House of Power this year, thus you have much leeway to shape this area as you will. Domestic interests and family relationships will vary from month to month depending on the transiting short-term planets. On an overall level, the Cosmos is not pushing you one way or the other. However, a move this year wouldn’t be a surprise. But this move (a happy one) relates more to your career than to the domestic life.

Most of you are enjoying career success in 2014. Many of you could be transferred to another city or region – even another country. Hence the move. The Solar Eclipse of June 10th (which affects the Lord of your 4th House) and the Lunar Eclipse of June 24th (in your 4th House) also signal long-term domestic change. Pressure to move seems to come from your spouse rather than from you. He or she longs for larger, more spacious quarters. You seem comfortable where you are. These eclipses indicate other scenarios besides a move. They can indicate major repair work in the home, or a disruption in family relationships. Long-standing issues are forced to the surface – they can no longer be ignored – and have to be dealt with.

These could be animosities, domestic habits, emotional reaction patterns, etc. When the dust settles you will be in a position to take corrective action. Intelligent actions will produce an even better home, family relationship and domestic pattern than before. Both the Sun and Venus will be in your 4th House from January 1st to the 20th. An excellent time for family gather ings, entertaining from home and beautifying, redecorating the home. Best to get these things done before January 18th, as Mercury starts a retrograde then. Mercury retrograde in your 4th House from February 3rd to February 8th suggests great caution in how you communicate with family members.

Take nothing for granted – make sure they’ve understood your message and that you understand theirs. Many a blow up can be prevented by these simple precautions. April 13th to May 28th will be good for doing construction projects or major repairs in the home. Again, be aware of Mercury’s retrograde from May 15th to June 8th – start these projects (and do the purchasing for them) before May 15th. Most of this period is also good for redecorating and entertaining from home – Venus will be making good aspects to your 4th House Lord from April 25th to May 20th. Again, make your purchases and start these projects before May 15th. Another opportunity for construction and repair work happens from October 15th to December 1st.

Beautification projects, family gatherings and entertaining from home are also good from August 7th to September 8th. A parent or parental figure is prospering this year and could move to better quarters. Children seem overly rebellious, but this is coming from a desire to express individual ity and to learn by experimentation. Encourage them to experiment in non-destructive ways. As long as their experiments are not harmful to themselves or others, leave them be. They need freedom. They are gaining much new knowledge this way. Grandchildren seem to be having a rough time – a kind, loving ear would be a great help. Saturn is your Family Planet. Generically, it shows that your policy at home should be one of love but with firm lim its.

Love and goodwill alone will not be enough in your domestic life. There need to be rules, a hierarchy of authority. Tough love is often in order. Your challenge this life is to tread the balance between love and a sense of order in the home. Only an ‘order taught by love’ will work. This year, like last year, Saturn is in the Sign of Gemini. Thus there is a need for good, clear, accurate communication. Better to withhold communication if it is going to be taken the wrong way. Better to keep silence if you are not going to say what you mean or mean what you say.

Idle, unthought-out speech is going to explode in your face. In many cases Libras are going to reap the karma of past communications in the home – it comes back to roost. Understand it when it comes and correct it for the future. The end result will be very positive.

Horoscope 2014 - Libra: Love and Social Life

Love and romance are always important to you, Libra, but with your 7th House not powerful this year, it is less important. Friendships and group activities seem more important than love. An empty 7th House indicates that the Cosmos pushes you neither one way nor the other, and thus the status quo in relationships prevails.

In many cases the empty 7th House is a positive signal it shows a contentment with the status quo and no need to pay too much attention to it. A well- oiled wheel doesn’t need grease. Though marriage doesn’t seem on the cards, love affairs outside of marriage seem plentiful. Your 5th House of Love Affairs is strong and the planets therein are well aspected. Love affairs are generally unstable, but in this chart even more so. They come, they go. They come suddenly and end suddenly.

For singles there is ‘experimentation’ in this area learning about love through trial and error. There is also a need for constant change and freedom. I expect there will be serial love affairs this year. Friendships of the platonic sort will also be plentiful this year but after August 1st. Jupiter will move into the 11th House and stay there for the rest of the year. Your social circle will expand. New and significant friends will come into your life friends who are on a higher level and who are benefic to you. In astrology a friend is defined in two ways. One, he or she must be of a similar mindset to you there is a unity of thought.

Two, the person supports the manifestation of your fondest hopes and wishes. These are the kinds of friends you will be attracting this year and it is a wonderful blessing. Many of them you will meet in the neighbourhood; some are probably neighbours whom you haven’t known before, some you will meet at organizations you belong to, others at school or a seminar. Some you will meet on line through e-mail contacts or other high-tech communications. Some you will meet as pen pals through the normal post. With Jupiter in opposition to your 5th House ruler (Uranus) late in the year, friendships and love affairs con flict.

You are pulled on both sides. Your duty to friends could distract you from a present love affair and vice versa. There is some tension between these two areas. You want friends, but you also want passion there is a need to balance the two urges. Though a consummation of a marriage is not seen, there ought to be many marriage opportunities this year. Perhaps it isn’t real and you only feel that way. Perhaps the opportunity is real but you don’t take it. The element of Fire is one of the strongest elements in the Horoscope this coming year. There will be many Grand Trines in this element – especially after August 1st. These Grand Trines – some lasting a month, some lasting only a few days in a month – will involve planets in your House of Love.

They bring happiness in love – but briefly. These will be dealt with in the month-by-month forecasts. Married Libras should be having more fun within the marriage. Libras of child-bearing age – both male and female – are more fertile these days. Children could be on the way. Those involved in a second marriage are having crisis there. The marriage is being severely tested. True love will weather any crisis. Those looking to marry for a second time need patience. Normal caution in relationships is justified, but outright fear and the tendency to overly test love is not. Let love unfold as it will.

Those looking to marry for a third time seem successful this year, especially after August 1st. And even if a third marriage doesn’t materialize there is a strong relationship in store – it will be like a marriage. Children of marriageable age have good aspects for marriage and serious romance. Grandchildren of marriageable age need patience. Married grandchildren are having a crisis in the marriage. A single parent could marry or be involved in a serious relationship. There is much opportunity now. The social circle of this parent is increasing. There is much social happiness and joy now. 

Horoscope 2014 - Libra: Finance and Career

Though your 2nd House of Finance is not a House of Power (career is much more important to you than mere money), this should be a good financial year. Until August earnings are status quo – bittersweet. Perhaps you earn more, but there are also more expenses. Perhaps a parent (or parental figure) interferes with or actually op poses financial goals. Perhaps family expenses eat up extra earnings. But come August 1st, when Jupiter starts to make beautiful aspects to your Money Planet, earnings start to soar, net worth increases, income is more than expenses. Jupiter, as mentioned, spends most of the year in your 10th House of Career. So this is a banner career year. There are pay rises, promotions and honours at work.

Career gambles are inspired and tend to work out. Elders and authority figures might oppose some financial plans (which they may feel are unreasonable), but they boost your status and prestige. They seem eager to grant their favours in these areas. There is more foreign travel related to career too. Career gets boosted by two talents – your emotional com passion for others and your communication skills. Some marketing or communication project catapults you to the heights (and also adds to your bank balance). Many of you are communicating with people of high status and prestige. Though I wouldn’t call it friendship, it is still a connection. Many of you are communicating with government figures and bureaucracies, and the results of these projects look very fortunate.

Those of you who have issues with the government will find this a good year to bring closure – they seem favourably disposed towards you. Professional investors should study telecommunications, media stocks, property, high-tech industries, gaming and entertainment stocks this year. There are profit opportunities here. Electric utilities and gold are worth a deeper look as well. Those of you just starting out in your business careers should study communications and media more. This is a road to earnings for many years to come. Job-seekers meet with success for most of the year, but after August need more patience.

There is a need to study prospective job offers then, as things are not what they seem. Don’t be fooled by glitter and glamour – the reality behind these things is quite different. Those who employ others have instability in the work force. Don’t force issues and minimize the negativity. New and better employees will come. 

Horoscope 2014 - Libra: Self-improvement

Career and friendships will improve on their own this year. But Saturn in your 9th House indicates that there is a need to re-structure, re-order, re-arrange your view of life and philosophy of life. Now, most people don’t pay adequate attention to philosophical issues. Why waste time, it is impractical, non-marketable, etc. If any of them had a clue as to the practical impact of philosophy on their lives they’d be jamming the universities and churches in droves.

A person’s philosophy shapes their ‘view of the world’, and this view of the world shapes the psychological reality you live in, which in turn shapes physical events and personal happiness. Two people with different philosophies view the same event: one is peaceful and content, the other is in an uproar. The world view shapes your interpretation of events. So, right now, there is and should be some philosophical searching going on. Much of your past unhappiness came, ultimately, from a false view of reality and a false interpretation of it. All these interpretations are up for review now. Many ‘systems’ will offer themselves to you. Study them, test them, and take what is good from them. 

The goal is not to master some specific system, but to develop a personal world view that is true, beautiful and functional – that leads to optimal happiness and personal empowerment. This can be hard work, but it will be fulfilling work – and ultimately well worth the investment.